X-Morph: Defense

Icon - Calendar Released: 30 Aug 2017
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 9 Jan 2022
Platform: PC

Xmorph defense

You can really see the roots of The Riftbreaker here - it feels like that game must have naturally evolved out of this - similar graphics, grid based placement, turrets and defence against waves of enemies. I'm really glad I played this though; it's a great mix of genres (again, like The Riftbreaker), really highly polished and just simply good fun. I'm usually not a fan of tower defence games, but they've done so much right here that I actually stayed engaged throughout the story and finished the whole game.


  • The destruction physics and animations are fantastic, and never get old
  • Wide range of weapons and abilities to use against different kinds of enemies
  • Large number of different enemy unit types, and towers to counter them
  • The bosses are really well made
  • Everything is destructible
  • Voiced campaign
  • It's not -just- tower defence - you have a huge degree of agency in how to destroy units yourself, so it's a viable strategy sometimes (when you're low on resources) to let the towers deal with one set of paths, and take the others on yourself until you have more towers
  • You play as the aliens against the humans. Die human scum!


  • It's a tower defence game. It's a good tower defence game, but still. More shooty, less tower building please
  • Almost invariably, on every last wave of each level, all the attack patterns change. This means I basically have to spend 10 minutes selling all my existing towers and starting from scratch
  • It shows controller buttons on the UI, even if you're playing on keyboard and mouse
  • Building towers can be fiddly - selecting your towers is a little difficult with a mouse. Using a free movement mouse cursor that's trying to build things on a square grid can just be a little clunky sometimes
  • In the last mission, heavy tanks just drove straight through one of my laser walls, and my turrets were being attacked from off-screen
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