What Remains of Edith Finch

Released: 25 Apr 2017
Reviewed: 10 Apr 2019
Platform: PC

This is a fantastic piece of interactive storytelling. As the last surviving member of the Finch family, you go back to the huge rickety family home to discover the how all the other family members died. While exploring the house you discover a shrine to each family member and play through the story that ended their life. That being said it's not a particularly dark game, it's like living through a storybook you read as a child. I was totally absorbed by it. It's a great example of innovative game mechanics and ideas & shows huge imagination. It's very short, but it's definitely worth 2 hours of anyone's time (although whether 2 hours is worth €20 is up to you, I got it on 75% off).

The controls for this are really intuitive, to the extend you often don't even have to think about it - you move the mouse to turn pages, open doors and windows, turn keys etc - it really helps with the immersion. I also got quite emotionally involved - especially in the story about a man who gets lost in his imagination while working a dull repetitive job. The game is pretty, and the music is perfect. It's fully voice acted, and the environments are beautifully detailed. For an evening's entertainment, it's certainly worth getting lost in.

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