Wartales (Demo)

Released: 18 Jun 2021
Reviewed: 19 Jun 2021
Platform: PC

This could be really nice when it's out of EA. You play a band of mercenaries making their way across a pretty isometric overworld; moving from town to town, taking on quests, camping etc while managing resources for travelling. The battle system is decent turn based combat on a flexible grid system. The campaign I played had a tank, fighter, rogue and archer. Each character has a skill tree, levels, attributes, traits & professions (which allow them to do things like tinker or cook, and give them combat bonuses). Line of sight also actually matters; I shot my own rogue in the back with my archer by mistake. And you can rename characters, which is always fun.


In combat, instead of it going Ally 1, Ally 2, Enemy 1, Ally 3, it goes "any of your units", "Enemy 1", "any of your units", "Enemy 2" etc, so you get lots of control over things like focus fire or making the most of where an enemy is at that moment, rather than in some games where you can only delay your character's turn.

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