Released: 6 Aug 2020
Reviewed: 9 Oct 2022
Platform: PC

Undermine is a room-based roguelike dungeon crawler where you delve into the depths of a mine looking for gold and relics. Weirdly, I actually enjoyed the whole thing and wasn't bored by the time I beat the final boss, so that's a big plus for a roguelike. The game also opens up a bit more after the last boss (which is really well scripted). The artwork is great, and the general game design is interesting and addictive. Combat feels snappy, and encourages you to take down enemies in the right order. There are also audio queues to tell you if there's a super dangerous bad guy in the room. Beat the main mine in about 16 hours. Relics, blessings, curses and shops shake up the runs a little.



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