Transport Fever 2

Icon - Calendar Released: 11 Dec 2019
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 7 Jan 2022
Platform: PC

Transport fever 2

Pretty much everything I tried to do in TF2 was either broken, unexplained, or clunky. It's a game where you're supposed to set up transport routes for goods from one place to another - which can be goods or people, either by land, sea or air. I tried to get into it several times but every mission had something that didn't work as expected.


  • You can zoom all the way from first-person cameras on the street to map overview
  • Vehicles intelligently spread themselves evenly across a route when you create a new one
  • You can switch to first-person camera views of anyone - vehicles or people, and sit back and relax as you look at the (quite ugly and basic) scenery


  • The very first tutorial mission has a bug in it. When you connect the silver train station, the highlighted area where you have to place the station doesn't actually connect to the silver mine, so nothing happens unless you add an extra building (not mentioned in the tutorial)
  • In that same mission, a side mission requires you to click on Ponderosa Ranch. I did that 5 times before it continued the quest
  • The second mission's bonus mission "build a practice track" also doesn't work properly. Built a track and two stations within the highlighted area and it doesn't progress
  • You can't move buildings, so you have to demolish them and rebuild just to move it 5 feet to the left
  • The UI for managing routes and vehicles takes a lot of getting used to
  • In mission 2, you have to create a railroad for passengers between two towns and transport 25 people. Did that, no one wants to take the train. No idea why. Set up a bus route and everything to make sure people can reach the train station.
  • The framerate often stutters a lot
  • When something isn't working, there's basically no information in the game that tells you why.
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