Torchlight III

Icon - Calendar Released: 13 Jun 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 12 Aug 2021
Platform: PC

Torchlight 3

Not really sure what happened here. Yes it's an ARPG where you hold down left mouse button while enemies die around you, but it's missing all the character that made the first two games entertaining. I've spent several hours trying to play this and honestly it's an effort. I vaguely remember reading about it being an MMO, then getting cancelled, then being shoved out the door as "finished" and it certainly feels all over the place. There are weird systems from MMOs like no ability to pause, shallow skill trees and meaningless quests, and yet it's basically a single player ARPG. Try it if you really love ARPGs, but it's nothing special. It's not terrible, it's just "meh".


  • Great art style
  • Some voice acting
  • I had a ginger cat pet who's special ability was poison gas farts


  • No pause in single player
  • Feels like it could be a mobile game with so few skills and simple art style. Very few abilities make fights just a case of standing there holding left mouse button waiting for things to die, and occasionally walking backwards
  • Higher difficulties just make it take longer to kill stuff, and therefore more boring
  • Extremely limited skill trees. The only interesting thing about ARPGs is synergy between skills and interesting skill trees, but this is literally just "upgrade the first skill 5 times until you unlock the next one"
  • No discernible direction or story
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