The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Released: 3 Mar 2017
Reviewed: 29 Mar 2018
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Fantastic in pretty much every way & everything I wanted from a modern Zelda game. I haven't played the series for years so for me this was like a huge open world version of the Hyrule I grew up with. The things you can do with the physics, objects and weapons feel really natural. You can float things in to enemies, use wooden weapons as torches, drop bombs from a parachute and get enemies to smack each other off cliffs. The only real weak parts were the voice acting (especially Zelda) and the framerate is very disappointing. Also love that you can now stealth and that there's a temperature system. The amount of gear you can collect is awesome and all have uses. A brilliant 100 hours.

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