Surviving the Aftermath

Icon - Calendar Released: 16 Nov 2021
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 29 Dec 2021
Platform: PC

Surviving the aftermath

It looks like Paradox and others might be getting this Epic exclusivity nonsense right; take Epic's money, launch in Early Access on Epic for the first year while you finish building the game, then release on Steam after the "1 year" (of early access) is over. Surviving the Aftermath is... well, clue is in the title. It's a colony simulator, set after the Earth is destroyed. It's kind of difficult to say what's missing here. I was really looking forward to it, but throughout EA and even after it's now released - the game feels like it's missing anything special, or even compelling to keep playing. It's all there - building, scavenging, exploring, but the game just feels kinda dead.


  • Good atmosphere
  • Quests and events appear sometimes to give you something to do
  • Catastrophes happen sometimes which you need to survive
  • You can hire specialists with different skills. Thay can be directly controlled in your colony, or sent to an overworld map where you can scavenge, scout and fight things
  • The idea feels quite original
  • Pretty


  • Frame rate isn't great
  • The method for assigning people to "work areas", managing who is in which building and finding out what people are doing is just generally quite clunky
  • There are usually more jobs that need doing and buildings to use than there are colonists available
  • There's very little warning to prepare for catastrophes. When they do happen, there's very little you can do to adapt. Radiation? Hope you've got enough medical tents already. Drought? Hope you already had enough water and food. You can't react to it
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