Sun Haven

Released: 11 Mar 2023
Reviewed: 2 Apr 2023
Platform: PC

Sun Haven is a clone of Stardew Valley (which is a clone of Harvest Moon). Fans will try to deny it, but with a practically identical art style it's hard to ignore. You inherit a farm and proceed to farm, cook, upgrade tools, mine, donate to the museum, forage, fish, buy friendship by giving gifts and take on side quests. There are some nice differences too though. There are MUCH larger skill trees than SDV, no stamina bar, an adjustable day length, magic spells and a main story. On the whole I would highly recommend it if you're looking for one of those farming life sims to get lost in. I've enjoyed 50 hours so far, but am giving it a rest until they fix the bugs.



Ok, so my main con here is what I think is a design oversight. Eventually you get 3 farms - which I think is great. They're in different areas, and you can fast-travel between them. However, you lack the time and tools to manage those farms, which means you either have to spend 100% of your day rushing around each one to keep everything going or you just abandon two of them at a time. The fact that there are no sprinklers make this worse, and would have been a good way to help manage them. As it is, you're forced to physically visit each farm you're growing crops in. There's fertiliser that can keep crops watered, but there are also "seasonal effects" which prevent some of your crops growing each day unless you go there to fix them. They also added an adjustable day length from 15 to 40 minutes which I imagine is a workaround, but I feel like there should be better tools to help you manage three large farms.


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