State of Decay 2

Icon - Calendar Released: 13 Mar 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 28 Oct 2021
Platform: PC

State of decay 2

I got really stuck into this for the first few hours, but I realised partway through that it wasn't really going anywhere; there's no story - it's just a survival sandbox. I thought it was a main campaign, but for some reason, that made me lose interest pretty quickly even though exploring the world and surviving is pretty interesting. I guess in that sense it's fairly unique (at least I've not played a procedural zombie survival game before) but I was really hoping for some kind of story progression rather than just finish people's missions, then infinitely move to another map.


  • Good atmosphere
  • Has stealth mechanics
  • You can switch between playing as all of your survivors in your base rather than as one main character, and they all have different skills
  • You can form alliances with neighbouring groups
  • Combat is good fun


  • Effectively no story. You elect a leader, set up the community, clear out the map... and then start the game again
  • Needs a Microsoft account to play, through Steam
  • Searching containers is slow (yeah there's a skill to make it faster, but it's still slow)
  • I hate games that have weapon durability
  • It says it's running at 120fps, but it really doesn't feel like it
  • Throwing explosives is laughably awful. You can't aim them at all, so they normally bounce back at you or blow up a friend
  • Night time is way too long
  • Buggy


  • UI elements overlap each other, obscuring quests
  • Sometimes quests don't complete. I had to restart the game because my main Builder quest wouldn't progress, the NPCs just stood there without talking to me
  • Exclamation marks appear in the menus when there's nothing new to see (which apparently they've known about for months)
  • When you switch character, the camera drops through the floor
  • Sometimes achievements don't trigger the first time you fulfil their requirements
  • When I'm at the base trying to learn a skill, it tells me I can't because I have to be at the base
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