Star Valor

Icon - Calendar Released: 14 Jul 2018
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 7 May 2021
Platform: PC

Star valor

Star Valor is a 2D top down space shooter. You can take a few different routes; miner, trader or combat - although if you take any non-combat role you might find yourself getting pounded a lot. It takes place in a randomly generated galaxy where you travel between stars and each system has a different level range - getting higher as you move out. It's fun, although very low budget and quite derivative.


  • Can redistribute energy between systems
  • High degree of customisation based on installed components


  • Opens with the yellow text scroll from Star Wars, and there are holocrons in the game
  • Terrible graphics
  • Quite grindy trying to level
  • There's no contrast between background and foreground objects so it's difficult to tell what's an object and what's decoration
  • There's never enough component storage space to have a decent speed / turning circle / firepower
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