Released: 8 Apr 2022
Reviewed: 18 Sep 2022
Platform: PC

Stacklands is a rather unique take on village building and really has to be played to be understood. You place cards to build a village, and the cards you place on top of each other have different results. For example, placing a villager on a berry bush produces berries. Wood can be combined into plants to make a garden, which will create more carrots from carrots. Over time, your village expands and you learn recipes for places to explore, new buildings, new recipes, new foods, automation and all kinds of things. New villager types like explorers and swordsmen and even now, an entirely new area on an island (for free) with the ability to transfer cards between each.


What started as a "churn out one new game every week and see what sticks" has really created a unique and enjoyable concept. The polish is very high, and it's scope is focused enough to produce a very enjoyable game that will last you 6-10 hours for 4 quid.



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