Something Ate My Alien

Released: 18 Jun 2020
Reviewed: 29 Jun 2020
Platform: PC

This is a decent mining game, in a similar vein to SteamWorld Dig, although it feels overall less polished. There's a decent amount of content, the music is relaxing and it has a good mix of enemies. There are 4 worlds, and on each there are 10 puzzles hidden within the depths, which get difficult pretty quickly. Death can feel very unfair; enemies rolling into you from offscreen or falling on your head, or being able to pass straight through the blocks. The whole 'ransom' thing (the 'story') is totally dispensable. You could easily have the game be about collecting resources and needing a certain amount, without the 'evil AI' holding the mining ship hostage, which doesn't make much sense.

- It's a bit frustrating that every time you mess up, or you make a wrong move in the puzzle rooms, you have to start the whole thing from scratch.
- Switching between mining and shooting is a bit fiddly
- Good music, although there's only one track per world about 20 seconds long
- I never went below 80% oxygen; I'm not really sure what the point of it was

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