Icon - Calendar Released: 7 Jun 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 8 May 2021
Platform: PC


If you've played and enjoyed Factorio and want something else to scratch the itch, this is really worth taking a look. I put it off for a while because of the simplistic graphics, but the gameplay is really good and it's easy to get sucked in. The gameplay revolves around 'mining' shapes and colours, mixing paint, cutting shapes, and feeding them along belts in increasingly challenging configurations.

Differences to Factorio

  • There are no power (or monster) concerns - build as many of anything as you like
  • Blueprints cost shapes to place
  • There are no 'grabbers', so you can't pull items off belts, you have to split everything
  • Belts only have one item instead of 2 lanes
  • You can't do a "main bus" because you need different shapes for everything


  • Good background music
  • Runs well
  • Distils the Factorio experience to simple shapes
  • Research tree
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