Released: 17 Oct 2018
Reviewed: 24 Dec 2022
Platform: PC

I get the feeling that Rimworld was WAY more successful than they were initially expecting. Don't get me wrong, it deserves the recognition it has, but I think there's a strong possibility it was one of thoe fluke successes like Valheim. It's a colony sim with a huge amount of depth, customisation and content - but not a brilliant UI. Thankfully the modding community has fixed / added almost anything you could think of, which fixes any potential issues I had, and adds a huge amount of quality of life changes. Mods also very much allow you to "play it your way" rather than adhering to strict difficulty settings, which makes it appeal to an even wider audience.



Despite any and all of the below, I either found ways around them, learned what I needed to, or found a mod for it.

Let me Google that for you...

I found it ridiculous how often I had to Google things while I was playing. While the basics are easy enough to grap, I found myself searching for answers to the weirdest things...

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