Released: 4 Jun 2019
Reviewed: 12 Jun 2019
Platform: PC

Great little hidden gem that has a lot more depth to it than first appears. You have a quest to rescue the princess, and as advertised there are 100 different endings. You might fall in lava, or kill the king. It starts out with lots of easy endings to find which are pretty funny. There's a decent difficulty curve and eventually find yourself thinking "Ok, if I'm going to sacrifice 6 items, I'll take the lava pendant which needs the chicken, but I can't take the sword because it'll weigh me down too much...". Overall good fun and a lot longer than I expected. Took me about 7 hours to find 75/100 endings.

- Although I really like the pixel graphics, they're a little -too- zoomed in / blocky in some places, it's so low res it's hard to tell what's going on in small rooms
- Some of the new bodies are really funny, like when you rescue the princess and take her back to your place instead of the castle. You settle down together, you get fat and your next body wobbles as you move around
- It's a great mechanic, but can get a little repetitive towards the end. I was determined to find all 100 endings, but I'd need to follow a video guide to find the last couple of dozen

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