Icon - Calendar Released: 14 May 2019
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 4 Sep 2021
Platform: PC

Rage 2

I generally don't support cracking games, but go ahead with this. There are so many game breaking bugs 2 years after release that you can't guarantee you'll be able to finish the game you've paid for. I don't feel like playing those 6 hours again just to risk losing everything again, so it's going on the trash pile. Shame, I was enjoying it before that.


  • It's really pretty, and runs well. Physics and explosions are particularly good
  • Ultrawide support
  • Bits of armour get blown off as you attack enemies
  • Great vehicle controls
  • Loads of upgrades to skills, abilities, vehicles and weapons
  • Force-style powers
  • Combat is great once you get the hang of it


I was enjoying this for the first 6 hours, then decided to revisit the Gunbarrel sewers to look for storage containers. End of the game for me! Once you've entered, you can't get out, at all. You can't get back up once you've jumped down, and the lift at the end of the sewers only works once. After that you're stuck down there forever. It was suggested that you might be able to noclip out with CheatEngine, but that doesn't work anymore either. The only 3 auto-saves are all after entering the sewers. So I can't recommend buying the game unless you want to risk having to literally start again hours later in a AAA game.

  • Other players are also reporting not being able to finish the game because of a bug before the final mission.
  • Has that stupid AAA "hold button to interact" instead of just being able to press it once
  • I don't remember anything about the first game, but this doesn't feel anything like it
  • The first time I walked into one of the main NPC's bars, he was talking to someone invisible. He handed her a bottle of water, and the bottle left his hand, then floated away with the invisible NPC
  • The interface is kind of buggy. You can select empty sections, and there's a delay on "hold to acquire this skill"
  • Some of the NPCs are really annoying. Like Borderlands.
  • Autosave seems to be pretty infrequent. Usually when I start the game, it's lost a bunch of progress
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