Project Wingman

Released: 1 Dec 2020
Reviewed: 2 Apr 2023
Platform: PC

Hands down some of the most "simple fun" I've had in a video game. I played Ace Combat 7 recently as my first time in an aerial combat game for years, and it was good, but had a lot of big annoyance. Project Wingman on the other hand feels like the same kind of game, but distilled down to just the good bits. It also has more content than AC7 and is a third of the price. There's a campaign mode with 21 missions and there's also a "conquest mode" which is a sort of long-form mission based land-capture mode. The game looks gorgeous, planes handle well, there's a good selection of aircraft, and it's just really fun to play. Very polished, good voice acting - absolutely worth it.

Compared to AC7

Given that this and Ace Combat 7 are very similar games and I recently played through AC7, much of my feedback is in comparison to that game. So, compared to AC7:



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