Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Icon - Calendar Released: 25 Sep 2018
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 9 Aug 2021
Platform: PC


A little rough around the edges, but pretty good. It's got a decent interface, and as far as I understand, quite a long story. I reckon most people playing this will at least have some familiarity with either D&D or Pathfinder, and you really need it - one of the shortcomings is that it doesn't seem to explain the effects of stats and abilities, which is key information. I knew roughly what was going on as I'm familiar with D&D, but know nothing about the Pathfinder ruleset. I had to do a lot of Googling to find out what certain things did and it'd be great if they included more of that in the game. That being said, it's worth trying.


  • Having just come from a Roll20 D&D campaign, it was really engaging to actually have a properly interactive game with basically the same rules (to a non-specialist, D&D and Pathfinder are more or less the same)
  • It shows you your rolls, and what an enemy rolled when they miss you rather than just the results
  • Pretty spell effects
  • You can toggle between 'real time combat with pause' and 'turn based' combat. Generally turn based is much better, but there are a lot of low level enemies in the game where you can just leave it on auto pilot
  • Lots of voice acting
  • Precise movement, not grid based
  • Feels like a modern version of Baldur's Gate 2, which I enjoyed as a kid
  • The 'quest journal' actually has an in-game reason; a bard following you around writing down everything you do


  • My mage was hidden behind a solid bookshelf, and an archer shot straight through it and killed him
  • Crashed several times
  • There are SO MANY misses, on both sides. It makes combat take way longer than it needs to
  • The "Always display enemy HP in turn based mode" doesn't work
  • 'Auto end turn' doesn't work either
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