Pacific Drive

Released: 22 Feb 2024
Reviewed: 7 Apr 2024
Platform: PC

Pacific Drive is a rogue-lite disguised as a sci-fi driving game. While it is visually striking and has an excellent opening few hours, it suffers from the same problem I have with basically all rogue-lites; it's a 2 hour game stretched over 40+ to save on dev costs. QA is very high, lightning and visuals are excellent, driving is immersive... but the game loop of going on identical drives to scavenge resources gets stale after 5-10 hours. They've done an excellent job with the car though; interacting with it is very tactile and it really is the star of the game. Ultimately it was a DNF for me after 20 hours though as I had no drive to keep looting the same containers over and over.

It's difficult to score a game that does so many things right, but is ultimately boring. So 2/5 for the gameloop, 5/5 for the actual mechanics. I'd recommend trying it out on heavy sale, but imagine that many people won't finish the story. It would have been way better as a single player full length campaign. That being said, the developers should still be applauded for making something different and unique that's very highly polished.



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