Oxygen Not Included

Icon - Calendar Released: 18 May 2017
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 22 Dec 2018
Platform: PC

Oxygen not included

This has all the character and flair of Klei's development; their games are fantastic. Unfortunately this one is way over my head. You manage a colony of settlers underground and have to manage a multitude of things such as hunger, water, germs, growing food, poison, floods, cleaning, stress, gas, pressure, oxygen etc etc. There are loads of systems in the game and you could pour loads of time in to it. The game has a strict learning curve so if you make a mistake, you tend to die out and have to start again. The animations, sounds and art are wonderful, it's just not for me.

I'm always tempted to try and spend more time learning the game, but aside from how insanely complicated it is, there are a couple of key things that put me off it.

1. Your duplicants do all the work. This is obviously a key mechanic of the game, but I'd love to be able to build the base myself rather than queuing jobs for duplicants to do it.
2. There is no way to easily re-organise or rebuild your base once it's done because it's so complicated. This means that instead of adapting to your problems and improving on them, you have to scrap the whole base and start again once you realise you've made a mistake. That kind of means you have to do it perfectly from the beginning, which I don't find fun.

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