Released: 17 Mar 2018
Reviewed: 17 Mar 2018
Platform: PC

Northgard is a light RTS based on Norse mythology where you control a viking clan exploring a new continent. On the surface it looks a bit like Age of Empires but I've found it to be more personal and emotionally involved than that. Your clan typically never grows much more than 30 people, so losing one matters. It's not just about combat; you have to survive winter, control territories, exploit resources, research and trade. I love that there are more villager types than combat units; about a dozen including hunters, fishermen, miners, healers, woodcutters. It's a little buggy straight out of Early Access, but worth trying out if you're in the mood or like Vikings.

Only two things really let this game down for me.
1. The campaign is nice, but you can play a mission for an hour before realising you've lost and have to start all over again. I guess this is just RTS though not specific to Northgard
2. The micromanagement is really annoying. Selecting units within a warband for example, or the fact that when you get a villager to build something, he doesn't then start using the new building, he just carries on being a normal villager nearby

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