Minecraft Dungeons

Released: 26 May 2020
Reviewed: 6 Jun 2020
Platform: PC

MC Dungeons is a sort of a baby's first Diablo. You work your way through a series of levels by holding the left mouse button and melee'ing or shooting everything that moves. Your character has no innate abilities and gets all their stats and abilities from their gear. You gain points you can spend on enchanting gear when you level up, and when you salvage the gear, you get those points back. It runs well, and it doesn't look quite as awful as regular minecraft; they've added lighting effects and rounded all the corners. Given that it's a minecraft game, it does feel weird that you can't actually destroy/mine/build anything, it's literally just a Diablo clone.

- No cloud save
- Lots of people saying that desite paying for the game in the Microsoft Store, the servers can't verify their ownership, so they can't play the game
- Very simplistic, but I guess it's a kids game
- No pause function

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