Icon - Calendar Released: 7 Dec 2018 Icon - Edited Reviewed: 11 Jan 2020

MewnBase is a charming little survival game about a cat astronaut stranded on another planet. It's being developed by one guy (so the updates are a little slow), but it's definitely worth supporting. There's enough content for the price, but don't expect to get more than about 6-7 hours out of it as of Jan 2020. The basic game revolves around hunting for resources to build base modules, research newer technology and making surviving easier. For example, you start with small garden patches, can turn them into greenhouses, build a water collector and a water distrubtion system. There's also vehicles, several kinds of power generation, power failure, oxygen etc. Definitely worth trying.


- Art is fuzzy (should be vector graphics)
- Movement controls are a little 'floaty' but you get used to them
- Could do with some background music, it's a bit empty
- I missed all the more advanced research because I didn't notice the scrollbar on the research tab (more power, vehicles, recycling)
- The vehicle movement needs work. The camera moving when you accelerate is jarring, and the world wobbles when you're driving
- Unlocking new research is awesome, but it would be nice to have a better way to find those new things once you unlock them - maybe categorised tabs?
- You can continue adding (wasting) water by adding it to the water container when it's already full
- Don't just randomly end the game after 31 days. I was enjoying myself and the game suddenly told me it was going to end in 3 days, which was a big disappointment. I can't think of any survival games that just end after a set amount of time