Metro: Last Light Redux

Icon - Calendar Released: 26 Aug 2014
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 25 Oct 2021
Platform: PC

Metro last light redux

Metro: Last Light Redux starts a little while after the first game ends, so it's essential to play them in order. Mechanically the game is identical to the first, but with a bigger budget. As before, you're mostly going to be guided by NPCs through corridors while following on a linear story. The story is a string of unfortunate and extremely unlikely events that culminate in a great final showdown. The cutscenes are generally a lot more interesting and have more action in them. Overall it was a really good, memorable experience (both games together) and had a proper ending. Still don't know who the Dark Ones are. Still a bit buggy.


  • Much better action cutscenes
  • Still great voice acting
  • Has a rather clever unintrusive way of guiding you if you get lost. Your lighter flame waves in the direction of your objective
  • The game starts out fighting Nazis, which is way more interesting mechanically than monsters that just charge straight at you
  • I found all the factions living in the underground pretty interesting
  • I think all the guns were basically the same as the first game, maybe with the addition of a couple of sniper rifles (which you don't really have a chance to use


  • It still never explains who the Dark Ones are
  • Given that these are based on books, I feel like quite a lot must have been lost in the translation to video game. There are sections that I just didn't understand, and points where the plot suddenly changed and I didn't really understand why
  • Scripted events are still buggy
  • There's a key cutscene about 2/3 of the way through the game that suddenly changes the whole plot. But because there are no words, I found it pretty confusing
  • It's exactly the same engine, so all the same pitfalls as the first game in terms of mechanics and UI
  • I found it difficult to work out what was going on in terms of story telling, no thanks to the main character being mute and the game taking a rather weird turn in the last couple of hours
  • Awful section with a tank at the end of the game. You're getting shot at from every direction, and you're supposed to just magically know that you have to use a sniper rifle to shoot a wheel bar, then two wheels, THEN then turret on top. Oh and not every sniper rifle will do; even after Googling it, I died and reloaded twice more because I was using the 'wrong sniper rifle'
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