Lenna's Inception

Released: 17 Jan 2020
Reviewed: 25 Apr 2020
Platform: PC

It's a Zelda clone, where the overworld and dungeons are all randomly generated. The randomness makes the landscapes look messy. From a mechanics perspective, I don't feel like it actually adds anything either, except perhaps making the game different if you wanted to play it twice. I wasn't a fan of the glitch stuff - particularly at the end of the game when it's relied on as a mechanic where you can teleport and glitch through walls. The bosses are pretty interesting, but anything else is super easy to kill. Definitely play it on a controller; the keyboard controls are basically unusable.

It has either 8-bit or 16-bit style graphics which you can switch between, although this feels more like a gimmick you might use once then forget about. I tried the 8-bit version, but it was difficult to tell what was scenery and what was an enemy.

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