Icon - Calendar Released: 4 May 2022
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 6 May 2022
Platform: PC


Infindustry is a Factory Town clone. I'm sorry to say that, but there's no way around it; it's practically identical, just with fewer things in it. I do'nt like bashing indie games, but you must have known when building it that it's mostly copying. It's a game about building a little village through automation, conveyor belts and assigning workers to buildings. You provide items to houses to keep them happy, and unlock more technology by producing books. You'll need some patience to play it. Building things and giving instructions to workers is fiddly. That being said, I think I have to recommend it just because I've played 10 hours in 2 days. But I guess you can thank Factory Town for that.


  • Has an info window so you can find out what buildings produce the item you want
  • The peons are nicely detailed, random appearances and much better animated than the little meeples from Factory Town
  • Buildings can create multiple things at once (like Factory Town). However, because of the limited number of inputs and outputs to buildings, this is impractical
  • Villagers and conveyor belts carry pretty little 3D models of the items
  • The developer has been patching it quickly. 5 of my "cons" have been fixed in the 2 days since launch
  • Dev replied on Twitter very quickly about an issue I was having with the Forester


  • You can't change the mouse buttons that control the camera
  • The interface has no sound effects
  • Peons keep walking into each other and getting stuck
  • When you drag the mouse to move the camera, there's a deadzone so it doesn't start moving immediately
  • It's a complete clone of Factory Town
  • No button to reset keybindings. No ability to remove keybindings. Setting a new key does not remove the duplicate key on another control
  • Rather slow paced. I had to sit for 10 minutes at a time waiting for enough resources to research the next thing
  • Once the tutorial window has disappeared, there's no way to find out how something functions again without resetting all the tutorials. Like I forgot how to add resources to the top bar, or what the point of upgrading the HQ is - and had no way to find out
  • Farms and fields are completely unexplained
  • If you want to delete a road, you have to delete every road tile individually, you can't drag over them
  • Unlike Factory Town, there is no indication of how many of something you're producing per second, so the only way to optimise your productions is to sit and watch them
  • When building conveyor belts, you have to place each straight line, left corner, right corner, slope up and slope down separately instead of being able to drag them
  • You can chain peon commands, but if there's a step they can't do they just wait there instead of skipping it - which makes it impossible to use them for more than one job
  • You can combine conveyor belts, but if one item isn't needed, the belt will jam. Combined with the fact that buildings have limited inputs, it makes it pretty clunky to use. For example, a workshop making books requires cloth and paper, and outputs wood. The building only has 2 input/output slots which means you can't automate it without having a peon carry the items away
  • Unlike Factory Town, houses can only consume one item at a time, which means supplying them with any more than 1 item is pointless. No need to give them food, wood, tools, medicine and luxury goods - they'll only use one of them.
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