inFAMOUS Second Son

Released: 21 Mar 2014
Reviewed: 28 May 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4

This is a great 'feel like a hero' game with a decent open world, pretty fluid gameplay and lots of explosions. I'd never heard of it and picked it up on eBay, and it's definitely worth it now it's a few years old. You play a normal guy who accidentally gets super powers, then spends the rest of the game trying to absorb as many super powers as he can so he can rescue his village from the big evil woman. The powers you get are pretty original - fire, neon, video & concrete, although by the end each of the four abilities trees are pretty much the same. There's a decent hero/villain honor system with some minor differences and story quests. Fairly short, but a lot of fun.

- There's a great use of the PS4's gyroscope controller here; turn it 90 degrees, shake it and use the trigger to turn the controller in to a spray paint can for making stencil art
- The story is pretty simple, and the core mechanic of gaining more powers through absorption works well both in terms of story, and because it's fun
- The FPS is mostly smooth, although it drops a lot when you use ultimate abilities or there's a lot going on
- Lots of original kinds of abilities. All 4 trees have similar things on similar buttons, which makes it easy to swap between them (projectiles, missiles, dash etc), but the also have original feeling abilities. I've never seen 'video' as a kind of elemental power before and that works well
- The Hero / Villain honour system rewards you for EITHER style of play instead of the Red Dead style of just punishing you for being bad
- Strange health system. You can't see your health, so you're either 'fine' or the screen goes grey to tell you to run away because you're bullet away from dying. Then you just run away for 10 seconds and come back again at full health
- Clever mechanic of refilling your abilities from things in the cities. Fire abilities refuel from smoke like burning cars or vents, video powers from TV screens, neon powers from neon lights.
- There's no auto aim in this game, so it can be pretty annoying trying to target things with your aimed abilities

I think it was this game that made me realise that it's not super heroes I don't like, it's the brand ones like Marvel & DC. I've never been interested in the comic book heroes, but being a random guy who gets super powers is really awesome. Guess I'm just weird!

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