Icon - Calendar Released: 8 May 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 11 May 2021
Platform: PC


Really impressive effort for a single indie dev. Rough around the edges, but enjoyable and relaxing. Hydroneer is a game about mining and building a base. You start out with a shovel and a pan, then move up to building an automated system all running on hydro power. Worth trying if you like those kinds of games, although you'll need to be a bit forgiving. There's no inventory system, including for money - which means you have to pick up and move everything by hand, and you can't carry your money and the thing you just bought at the same time.


  • Relaxing
  • Landscaping system
  • Conveyor/automated mining system


  • No music. I think there was some for the first 10 minutes, but it broke after that
  • No in-game tutorial or intro. There's a 3 minute video - but other than that you're entirely on your own
  • It's kinda weird that everything in the game is medieval, but you start with a modern truck - would have been better to stick with just the wooden cart
  • The towns feel really empty with no people in them. Who am I selling this stuff to? Even if there were just models that didn't really talk much, it'd help make it feel alive. There's a shop and a stock market, but no people anywhere
  • No inventory system at all. Nice idea in principle, but it becomes annoying really quickly
  • I built a water pipe system, and no water came out the end. I removed and re-built each piece one by one, then it worked. Makes me think the underlying systems are rather buggy
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