House Flipper

Icon - Calendar Released: 17 May 2018
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 5 Dec 2021
Platform: PC

House flipper

I've seen House Flipper around for a while and never gave it a second glance because of the graphics. Don't get me wrong, this will only appeal to a specific kind of person - but it caters to that urge to tidy and organise everything, without the effort of getting out of your gaming chair. It's really satisfying to clear a house and make it pretty again. The game loop is simple; either take jobs from clients to clean / renovate / refurbish their homes, or buy broken-down homes, renovate them and resell them for a profit. It's an indie game with relatively simple graphics, but it's very satisfying and relaxing - taking a complete and utter mess, and fixing all the problems one by one.


  • There's a skill point system - although I'd love if there were more of these, and they were more interesting than just "paint faster"
  • Very addictive
  • Cathartic
  • You can just do quick jobs, or buy house wrecks and do them up
  • You can finish a job once you've met 70% of the criteria. This is good if you're bored of it, but I do also wonder if it's there because sometimes there's an invisible cockroach nest, or a bit of invisible dirt that makes it impossible to 100%


  • The graphics are pretty bad, but I think that's understandable given that you can move everything and it's all destructible
  • The music track is quite short and gets repetitive quickly
  • There are no sound effects when using the tools - this makes it feel lifeless
  • Assembling items can be a bit inconsistent; sometimes you can hold the mouse button to do several steps, sometimes you can't or it doesn't register clicking the first time
  • Cockroaches frequently don't appear correctly (like they're inside the wall), and the vacuum cleaner is kind of hard to use
  • If you switch between cockroaches or glass shards in the middle of a map, they just turn invisible
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