Horizon Zero Dawn

Released: 28 Feb 2017
Reviewed: 14 Feb 2021
Platform: PC

HZD is pretty special. The story holds it together, but really exploring the world and it's past, and fighting metal dinosaurs is brilliant. It's genuinely interesting to go from not knowing anything, to discovering what happened to humanity 1000 years ago. Combat, crafting and exploring are all excellent and make a really memorable experience. I played the PS4 version first, then the PC port. I guess it goes without saying, but it's 10x better on PC. It looks better, and the controls are good. A game about precision aiming with a bow and arrow doesn't belong on a console.



PC Port Notes (2021)

After a rocky launch with lots of optimisation issues, they have continued to patch it and it now runs really well, which is great news. I'd highly recommend playing it on PC over console, as the primary mechanic is precision bow & arrow shooting, which is terrible on a controller. Having now playing both versions, it's just so much more of a joy on PC, both controls and graphics.

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