Homeworld Remastered Collection

Icon - Calendar Released: 25 Feb 2015
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 2 Jan 2022
Platform: PC

Homeworld remastered

I'm kind of disappointed with this. Space combat is always really cool in principle, but this is just frustrating and slow. I guess it's mainly because it's a really old game that's been remastered rather than a more modern one, but I really couldn't get on well with this. It looks great and I love the story of the campaign, but I think it's held back by a few things. The combat (and general pace of the game) is really slow. Controlling units in general is clunky, as well as most of the other controls and the tools you have for controlling your units. Perhaps the upcoming Homeworld 3 will be better if it's modernised, but I'm struggling to play this.


  • Great background music
  • Cool story line
  • It's space combat
  • You can build Salvage Corvettes which literally pick up and take away enemy ships. It's great fun.
  • During the campaign, it's a really nice idea that the ships you build in the previous mission carry over to the next one. In reality, gearbox have changed how this works and now increase the number of enemy ships in the next mission too to compensate, which means it's actually harder if you did well before.


  • Pressing Escape doesn't open the menu, or go back in menus
  • Annoying controls
  • Selecting and controlling large numbers of ships is clunky
  • Can't change the game speed. The gameplay is extremely slow. Even combat is slow
  • During the campaign, there are regularly sections with no active objective and I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing
  • When building new ships, the UI shows a few characters of the title of the ship, and never how many are in the build queue. So if I'm trying to build 5 Light corvettes, I see "ight Corvette X" (should say "Light Corvette X5) which is totally useless
  • The "Guard" command seems to do nothing. I have a squadron of ships set to guard a resource collector. It's getting hammered by enemy ships, and mine are just sitting there watching
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