Homefront: The Revolution

Icon - Calendar Released: 20 May 2016
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 25 Jul 2021
Platform: PC


Homefront does a few things really well, but is also laughably bad in some places. If you go in with relatively low expectations, you should be able to get some fun out of it though, especially if you're ok with the more dated mechanics. The atmosphere is _really_ good, sneaking around and escaping from being seen, but the story and voice acting are really bad, and some of the design choices are annoying. The story sections are on-rails to the extent that you just fail instantly if you don't do what they expect, but the open world parts are great.


  • Excellent atmosphere
  • Really good support for ultrawide screens. You can constrain the UI so it isn't always in the far corners
  • Interesting system for guns. Instead of having 10 different weapons and only being able to carry 2 of them, you can still only carry 2, but each gun can be 'converted' into 2 other variants. So my crossbow can also be a shotgun and flamethrower.


  • Bad voice acting
  • Buggy. At one point I was hiding behind a wall and used a health syringe, which teleported me 30 feet forwards, out of cover and into a bad guy
  • Crashed twice
  • In the yellow zone - if I'm going to be shot on sight anyway, why would I put my gun away like the game tells me to?
  • There were enemies INSIDE THE SAFEHOUSE. They saw me immediately, and I wasn't allowed to shoot back because I was in a safe house. I also wasn't allowed to leave because there were enemies nearby.
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