Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

Icon - Calendar Released: 14 Feb 2017
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 31 Mar 2018
Platform: PC

Holy potatoes were in space

First thing's first, this is not like FTL. It's a single player continuous story broken up in to chapters (galaxies). In each chapter, you have a limited number of sols (turns) to travel, explore, craft, train and research with the ultimate goal of getting stronger and rescuing your grandfather. There's something very addictive about that gameplay cycle, although if I'm honest I would have enjoyed the game if it was 6 hours shorter. The last 4 hours of the game were simply pressing auto attack and facerolling everything. Exploration consists of 2-6 encounters which can be an event (FTL) or combat, which is turn based. Nice mechanics for development and combat, but incredibly repetitive.

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