Hogwarts Legacy

Released: 10 Feb 2023
Reviewed: 10 Aug 2023
Platform: PC

If there's one thing this game does fantastically well, it's making you feel like you're in the world of Harry Potter. Gameplay mechanics aside, everything from the voice acting, animations, attention to detail and music make you feel like you're basically playing in the film world. The game itself is a fairly standard AAA open world action adventure game, complete with collectathons, enemy camps, levels, gear, rarity, skill points etc, but I did really enjoye playing through it. The main quests are maybe 20 hours or so, then there's about 40 hours of side quests and fluff. Main quest is just the right length to not out-stay it's welcome, and there's tons of things to do if you want more.


4 stars for being a poorly optimised console port and a missed opportunity to full in on the Hogwarts side of things. I really enjoyed the gameplay, and if you know that it's just a AAA open world action RPG disguised as Harry Potter then it's all good. I think the biggest shame is that although it starts out strong on the Hogwarts front; but takes no time at all before the lessons just become short montage cutscenes and you get taught the spells with no context, when really the lessons and school life should have been what the game was about. There's no daily schedule, no normal lessons, no Quidditch. In it's final form, the game is really about the open world combat side of things, and the castle quickly just becomes scenery.



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