Heat Signature

Released: 21 Sep 2017
Reviewed: 22 Nov 2018
Platform: PC

Loosely roguelite, you take missions at a difficulty of your choice to raid space ships, capture them, rescue people or assassinate targets, and have a wide array of equipment to help. What sets this apart is that you can pause and take as much time as you like to make actions. You can clear a room of 4 people easily with clever planning. Reprogram sentry turrets, shut down shields, teleport people out of the ship, break windows to suck people out, blow up engines to create a new airlock or dive out a window and rescue yourself with a remote control pod. Can be a little repetitive, but mechanics are really solid & it's a lot of fun in small doses (although I played it for 8 hours straight).

Oh, and you can find guns from other people’s games too. My first character did bloody brilliantly using a self-recharging subverter from one of @ottomic’s characters. The writing is also funny, and some of the mission and weapon descriptions made me laugh.

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