Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Released: 24 May 2022
Reviewed: 27 Jul 2022
Platform: PC

I love the ideas that come out of indie game studios. This one is about being a shipbreaker; someone who disassembles old space ships. If you've paid attention to the players who've had this throughout EA you'll see a lot of divided opinions on what made it into the game & what didn't - but I respect the fact that this studio set out to do something very specific, and they did it. Yeah, there could be more ships - but they decided they wanted to make a really solid game about shipbreaking and tell a story about worker rights - and they did that amazingly well. I absolutely recommend playing this - I've spent almost 50 hours in this and absolutely loved it.


I bought this pretty early on in Early Access and refunded it as it simply wasn't functional (keybindings didn't work, graphics were fuzzy, couldn't re-start the game without changing files in Windows etc). I'm really glad I came back to it close to release - what a huge transformation from the early days to the finished product they have now. It's had a ton of work done on it, and the end result is a really solid zero-gravity game about shipbreaking. I think it's a shame that only 5.6% of players have finished the game (according to global Steam statistics).



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