Half-Life: Alyx

Released: 1 Mar 2020
Reviewed: 31 May 2020
Platform: PC

When you first heard "Virtual Reality" & imagined what it would be like to actually be inside a video game, this is what you imagined. It feels like being inside Half Life universe and it's much scarier in VR. Yeah, head crabs are scary on screen but they look so small. Head crabs in this game are large, and dodging when one throws itself at your head, then turning around and wondering which box it's hiding behind is exhilarating. The sense of scale really has to be felt to be believed. Voice acting is top notch, cut scenes (which you're in, not just watching) and jump scares are masterfully done. There's combat, zombies, exploration, comic relief & storytelling. Easily the best game in VR.

Just like Half Life did the first time round, Valve have used a new technology to showcase what's possible. In VR, Alyx is full of intuitive actions and motions to interact with the game world. You can target objects in the world and flick them towards you, then snatch them out of the air with your gravity gloves. Reloading means actually putting bullets in your gun, dodging means physically hiding behind a wall. One bit that particularly stood out to me was a dark section where you're using the wrist-mounted torch in a very dark area, only... you also need that hand to reach over your shoulder, grab ammunition and put it in your gun, which means you can't see what's coming in the dark while you're reloading.

In addition to that, you can...



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