Grand Theft Auto V

Icon - Calendar Released: 14 Apr 2015
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 29 Jan 2017
Platform: PC

Grand theft auto v

GTA V is a huge game with a ton of content. I've always loved this series for being able to relax by cruising the streets listening to the radio (pavement driving). The voice acting is really good, and although it has a few rough edges on PC, the overall experience is still excellent. The single player is full of main and side missions and the dialogue made me laugh. Multiplayer is full of hackers, but the instanced PVE heists is some of the best fun I've had online with friends.

2020 Update Notes

Some notes on playing GTAV again in 2020

  • It does have ultrawidescreen support at 32:9. Took a while to get the graphics settings right, but it does run at 80fps with everything on ultra, on a 2080Ti (but you have to turn off the 'advanced' options, which always ruined the FPS on any screen)
  • The textures are pretty low res, but the car reflections and lighting still look good
  • Definitely install something like GTAV Redux, which adds a massive ton of stuff like new 4K textures, lighting, little world details, all the vehicle handling, adds a weather system etc. It almost makes it look like a modern game. All screenshots are with Redux installed.
  • Some things we take for granted now like advancing time and fast travel don't exist
  • The main missions are still hilarious. The voice acting is probably the best part of the game


  • I often have a massive smile on my face playing the main missions. Everything comes together so well; the dialogue is hilarious, the action sequences are exhilarating and really well choreographed
  • In an early mission, you're chasing a vehicle with your boat on the back. A guy gets knocked off it and they use the Wilhelm scream
  • Attention to detail. If you run someone over and wait, an emergency services vehicle will show up to help
  • Huge map
  • Cars handle really well
  • Cars and guns can be upgraded
  • Huge variety of vehicles
  • Heists are fantastically well done
  • Can purchase properties for regular income


  • Cut scenes are cropped to a fairly low res and fps
  • Can't advance time without going back home and sleeping
  • The controls on PC are pretty bad. Walking and driving are fine, but flying and navigating menus are awful
  • They've crammed a ton of stuff in, some of it is pretty unnecessary. There's a dozen different kinds of side activity like golfing and yoga, but I'd rather they spent more time on the core of the game like shooting and upgrades
  • The mobile phone is super clunky to use
  • There's a real life mobile app (still, in 2020) which is outdated and awful
  • Although it's a cool idea to have three playable characters, I don't actually enjoy it. They all have separate bank accounts, separate guns, cars, properties and skills. So really you just have to do everything 3 times
  • Franklin's friend Lamar has got to be one of the most annoying characters in any video game
  • One of the main missions makes you torture someone in various different ways. Everyone has their own things they dislike I guess, but I'd prefer an option to be able to skip something like that
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