God of War

Released: 20 Apr 2018
Reviewed: 11 Jun 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4

The game itself is extremely pretty, well voiced and very smooth. It's basically a third-person hack and slash with a bunch of hidden stuff to find and some lever/push/pull puzzles. You play as a giant with a son you don't seem to want or like, and some people you meet want you dead because you're a god. This one falls in to the 'super hero' category for me and is why I find it kinda dull. You're immensely strong, you start off with super powerful gear, and you can smash chests with your fists. There's no denying it's well polished and will appeal to a lot of people, I just don't get excited by it.

I watched a video on the preceding games to try and get some idea of backstory for this and it was insanely complicated. Like I said, it's a high quality game that will appeal to many people, but super hero games really don't do it for me. Got it cheap in a PS sale!

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