Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Icon - Calendar Released: 4 Oct 2019
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 4 Jul 2021
Platform: PC

Ghost recon breakpoint

Breakpoint is the definition of a stereotypical, streamlined, brainless open world checklist. Combat is similar to Wildlands; you have a bunch of different guns and a drone, you scout an area to mark all the enemies before moving in, then shoot things until there are no more marks left. Collect everything that's highlighted, equip everything with a higher number than the number you already have. That being said, if you're just looking for a therapeutic shooter, this is pretty good at that.


  • There are skill trees
  • It runs well
  • Shooting feels great, and the bullet physics are good
  • The helicopter controls are way better than Wildlands
  • Despite the negatives below, it's actually still pretty fun to play
  • Highly customisable interface, game parameters and difficulty
  • Beautiful landscape


  • The world is too big
  • As with most of these Ubisoft co-op games, there's a weird mix of MMO/single player mechanics. You can change your appearance and gender any time you like, giving your character literally no identity or continuity. You can become a completely different person halfway through the game
  • The UI is pretty clunky. You "equip" missions?
  • The skill tree is a bit limited. People have dozens more skill points than they can actually use for anything
  • The controls for pinning objectives to your UI don't work with a mouse
  • Cover mechanics are clunky. Sometimes you get into cover, sometimes you don't. Honestly they should just implement The Division cover system - it's probably running on basically the same engine anyway.
  • Enemies are always yelling about what they're doing, telling you exactly where they are
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