Genshin Impact

Released: 28 Sep 2020
Reviewed: 12 Nov 2020
Platform: PC

It's free! Like, actually free and you don't have to pay for progression. The combat is kinda simple (because it's cross platform with mobiles) but it is pretty, runs really well on PC and all the elemental spells react with each other. If you can get past the excruciating anime squeaking, there's some good fun to be had here. It's basically anime Breath of the Wild. But with less depth and more boobs.

+ Fully voiced quests
+ Can climb everything
+ Basically Breath of the Wild on PC
+ Runs well
+ Beautiful
+ Really nice interface
+ Can play the whole thing for free

- Not on Steam
- Really annoying voices
- Constantly shows UID in the bottom right for friend requests
- All the 'rewards' they pile on you for playing during the first week of release are a bit overwhelming - I prefer to start games from scratch rather than with a bunch of overlevelling, but the Japanese seem to like it
- Mobile Japanese star ratings on all items and playable characters
- The wishing system is overly complicated, and hidden behind a wall of legal lootbox disclaimers

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