Gas Station Simulator

Icon - Calendar Released: 15 Sep 2021
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 5 Dec 2021
Platform: PC

Gas station simulator

If this is an accurate representation of the current "simulator games" bandwagon on Steam, then I guess I can steer clear of the others. Yeah, this is ok - but it's extremely buggy, and it's basically just a collection of mini games that you have to juggle playing all at the same time. Serve customers, serve fuel, fix cars, order parts, sweep the floor, receive parts, empty the garbage, re-paint the walls, clear the sand, decorate, refuel the truck, close the warehouse doors, chase the annoying kid away. Kind of interesting for a few hours but if you play the demo, you've seen almost everything the game has to offer.


  • Kind of absorbing
  • Really nice idea in general, just badly executed. I think all the minigames are happening at the same time to distract you from the fact that none of them are good
  • Lots of freedom to decorate and organise the garage as you like
  • An original idea?


  • Extremely buggy
  • It's basically a collection of hectic mini-games
  • All the people just float around and stare at you like brainless zombies. Probably default Unreal Editor assets
  • Inconsistent UI. Sometimes you press escape to go back in menus, sometimes it's right mouse button, sometimes you have to left-click on an "Exit" button
  • No keyboard shortcuts for switching tools; you have to use the tool wheel


  • If you try to serve someone at the cashier while you're holding a tool, pressing T closes the cashier tips and opens the tips for the tools you're holding in an infinite loop. They block the screen, so you have to restart the game
  • Sometimes I see crisp packets and bottles just floating in mid-air
  • The mission for teaching you how to use the warehouse told me to order goods. I ordered lots, and there were too many to fit on the shelves in the warehouse. I then couldn't complete the mission
  • Saving and reloading made all the products in the warehouse disappear
  • The delivery guy arrives at my warehouse with no goods.
  • The delivery guy got out of the truck after arriving, then he gets stuck in the warehouse on a loop and won't leave
  • Sometimes the delivery guy is hovering outside of the truck in the air while the truck leaves
  • If you go to the cash register an press tab instead of left-shift, it's impossible to either to start the game or leave the register
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