Far Cry 6

Icon - Calendar Released: 7 Oct 2021
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 22 Dec 2021
Platform: PC


Far Cry 6 is... exactly what you'd expect. Whether that's good or bad is really whether you enjoy dropping 30-60 quid for a mindless shooty action game. Ok, it's not new - but it's still great fun when you don't pay through the nose for the base version. It's simple, streamlined and enjoyable. You play as an oppressed citizen of a dictator-state island, where the dictator is selling the island's new wonder-drug Vivaro which can apparently cure cancer. Unfortunately he's also a complete bastard (insert shocked pikachu face) so within the first 3 minutes of the game, you go from "oppressed citizen" to "slaughtering guards with a machete" and off you go on the latest shooty collectathon romp.


  • Giancarlo Esposito is in the game
  • It looks amazing, and it runs really well. 100+fps on ultra
  • You can ride horses
  • Soldiers have different strengths and weaknesses, and special abilities. I actually like the strength/weakness system, but as there are 3 weakness (soft-target, armour piercing and blast rounds), 3 bullet types, and you can only carry 3 guns - it actually removes choice as you're basically required to carry one gun of each bullet type. Theoretically there's also fire damage and poison damage, but they seem to be very situational
  • The gunplay and just the feel of moving around is generally awesome - similar to previous games but improved
  • Great voice acting
  • The guns feel great
  • Lots of verticality and hidden routes in the towns and large city
  • There's a mechanic where you can rescue captives from the enemy, and they turn into soldiers you can send on missions. I'd finished 40% of the game before I discovered that though, so it felt like rescuing people didn't do anything


  • Expensive, but just get it on sale. Bought it for 35% off from Ubisoft, plus another 20% off with Ubisoft coins. Worth it for €30
  • It encourages stealth, but you can't shoot out lights - and I'm not sure light sources even really make a difference
  • It's SO EASY. Most of the time I can just walk into a base and shoot all the guards in the face before they react
  • I often had to replay entire missions because the auto save didn't work reliably
  • At the very beginning of the game, I couldn't move. Had to 'reload from autosave' to start the game. I started a new game later on too, and exactly the same thing happened again. Not a great first impression.
  • The game crashes when I try to take screenshots (which is why this review has no screenshots)
  • I failed one of the main assault missions (Benitez' fortress) for "leaving the fortress without killing Benitez" while I was still inside the fortress. Tried that mission again and it crashed 2 minutes later. On the third attempt, the tank you're meant to escort to the doors got stuck on a rock
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