Far Cry 6

Released: 7 Oct 2021
Reviewed: 22 Dec 2021
Platform: PC

Far Cry 6 is... exactly what you'd expect. Whether that's good or bad is really whether you enjoy dropping 30-60 quid for a mindless shooty action game. Ok, it's not new - but it's still great fun when you don't pay through the nose for the base version. It's simple, streamlined and enjoyable. You play as an oppressed citizen of a dictator-state island, where the dictator is selling the island's new wonder-drug Vivaro which can apparently cure cancer. Unfortunately he's also a complete bastard (insert shocked pikachu face) so within the first 3 minutes of the game, you go from "oppressed citizen" to "slaughtering guards with a machete" and off you go on the latest shooty collectathon romp.



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