Fallout 4

Icon - Calendar Released: 10 Nov 2015
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 26 Jun 2016
Platform: PC

Fallout 4

I did a tiny review for this a long time ago, but updating it again playing through in 2021. This game didn't receive as much high praise as the other games in the series, and I've never really been sure why. It is pretty much just like Fallout 3, but with better graphics and base building. That's exactly what I was looking for and thoroughly enjoyed my time playing - but I guess people were disappointed it wasn't more innovative. That's fair enough given that all the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games have basically been the same for the last 10+ years. If you want more of that though, Fallout 4 is excellent. The base building is unnecessary, combat is much improved from previous games.


  • The beginning of the game seeing the bombs falling is excellent
  • I love exploring in games, and Fallout's world is one of the most rewarding exploration experiences. There are terminals to dig through for lore & lots of hidden treasure
  • There's weapon and armour crafting


  • The crafting system requires that you hoover up all the junk in the game, but your carry limit is tiny. I'd never be able to play this game without the mod that removes the weight limit
  • Fusion Cores for Power Armour last about 5 minutes. it can run an entire building for 200 years, but if I sprint, it drains the whole thing in 10 seconds flat.
  • It's unclear that one settler can handle up to 12 plants. There's nothing in the game that explains that
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