Icon - Calendar Released: 14 Aug 2020 Icon - Edited Reviewed: 8 Nov 2020

Factorio is the game that started the current automation trend (as far as I know) - and it really is very good at that. If you building and optimisation, then it's going to be easy to lose a lot of hours to this. I do enjoy that, although I'm lose interest as the complexity goes up and up and up. When it boils down to it, it's the same puzzle over and over but with more and more parts. It's not particularly pretty, although it's extremely satisfying to automate the production of something complicated. It also has a sort of tower defence built in which I feel is out of place. Overall, excellent ideas and balance, definitely worth trying - glad I can turn the enemies off.


+ Excellent tutorial. Took me 13 hours to finish it
+ Unobtrusive background music
+ Very relaxing, and addictive for people who like base building and problem solving
+ Built in mod support
+ Can disable the enemies and make resources infinite
+ Can deconstruct everything with no loss of resources
+ Enormous tech tree

- Mods disable achievements, even if you're only playing with Quality of Life addons
- The enemies are out of place to begin with, but their mechanics are also not explained at all to the player - like how they spread, what happens when you destory nests etc. My first factorio base was swarmed with 50 biters within the first 10 minutes of the game in before I'd even researched one technology
- Locked to 60fps
- Quite ugly