Everspace 2

Released: 6 Apr 2023
Reviewed: 23 May 2023
Platform: PC

Everspace 2 is as good and so much more than I was hoping for. When I played the first game, what I really thought was "this would have been better as an actual full game rather than a roguelike" but they really have taken everything they learned from Everspace 1 (and the money) to develop what I think Everspace always should have been. It's an extremely highly polished space arcade looter shooter. The controls are great, the story is good, the voice acting is good, and all the weapons and ships feel great. It's also WAY bigger than I would have expected. I finished the game in about 40 hours, but I've barely visited 2 of the 7 systems, and done maybe 10% of the side quests.



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