Ender Lilies

Released: 21 Jun 2021
Reviewed: 16 Jun 2023
Platform: Steam Deck

Ender Lilies is a very Japanese metroidvania. You play as a small girl who is trying to stop the blight, a sort of "The Last of Us" fungus that makes everything insane and immortal. You fight and jump through boxy rooms smashing enemies and levelling up, interspersed with boss fights. The bosses are generally very good - although there are huge spikes in difficulty. Most bosses I killed in 2-3 attempts, but there were two which took me over an hour each. By defeating bosses, you gain traversal moves and combat abilities which you can swap out at every safe point. I did end up completely finishing it, but the story and cutscenes are bad - possibly due to lacklustre translation.



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