Dyson Sphere Program

Icon - Calendar Released: 21 Jan 2021
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 24 Jan 2021
Platform: PC

Dyson sphere prgoram

[EA Review] DSP is a game about building, automating and managing a factory that spans multiple planets and solar systems, with the end goal of creating a Dyson Sphere to harvest a star's energy. It came out of nowhere into EA and it already feels like a finished game; there's only a couple of things in the tech tree as placeholders - everything else is on a feature roadmap. I can highly recommend picking this up already for fans of Factorio/Satisfactory. Aside from a couple of minor translation issues, it's absolutely brilliant. It's also really good value at only €15 considering games like this often provide dozens if not hundreds of hours of content.


  • It's really pretty
  • Super well optimised
  • Good background music
  • Tons of buildings, items and production chains
  • I really like that there are no enemies, although I gather this is on the roadmap
  • Because the planets are relatively small, the curvature of the surface actually affects the build grid, which makes really interesting planning challenges
  • It takes previous automation games to a new level by bringing interplanetary logistics and travel
  • You can delete items from the inventory
  • Multiple types of planets and stars
  • Creating buildings is quick and easy
  • Instead of 1-tile grabbers, the input and output for machines can reach 3 grid tiles, which allows for slightly more relaxed factory layouts
  • You can upgrade or delete entire conveyor belts at once
  • Space exploration. Takes a while to get there, but once you get Drive 4, you can warp speed to other planets, which have rare resources that can be directly smelted into higher end products. + Gas giants


  • The translation to English from Chinese isn't great, but you get all the info you need. This is something that would be dealt with towards the end after they've finalised the tooltips
  • Can be a bit fiddly to work out how some things work (like the filter sorters) but once you've got it, it's pretty intuitive
  • Can't reverse the direction of conveyor belts
  • Can't move objects, have to delete and re-place
  • Liquids are handed as objects on conveyors. Would be nice if it had a pipe/fluid system like Satisfactory
  • No blueprints (yet?)
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