Diablo III

Released: 15 May 2012
Reviewed: 20 May 2023
Platform: PC

Given that Diablo 4 is due out soon, I recently revisited the Diablo 3 campaign and was glad to see it has (in my opnion) held up to the test of time incredibly well. It still feels accessible, fun and engaging even though it's now 11 years old. The Diablo series is famous among gamers, even if you're not into the APRG market with good reason; Blizzard's hallmark (although recently lacking) high quality and attention to detail is present throughout in D3. Primarily, the game is about mowing down hordes of hellish monsters as a completely overpowered demigod, in one of 7 flavours. D3 offers a huge amount of replayability and play styles, and is still going strong after a very good innings.



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